Animal Health & Welfare is of particular concern and we encourage donation of time (volunteer opportunities) and money to Tucson Cares, a local, under-funded dog and cat rescue  non-profit organization. and their partner Hope Shelter
They are very active in saving the lives of dogs and cats at the Pima Animal Center and feral cat population control through their own TNR  (trap, neuter, & release) program.  Tucson Cares operates on a very limited budget; please donate what you can through their Pay Pal Portal below.  And please support Kismet, part of the Tucson Cares effort, a very cleverly outfitted boutique, uniquely benefiting animals and animal welfare.


Call  Kismet for Hours as Staff may be
On The Job saving animals !



      We Also Support Helping Lost Pets

 And We Support Air For Paws Pet Resuscitation Equipment 



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